All in one Database System for Unity

If you will serialize this object, you should use UniDatabase.

Dictionary<string, CustomClass.Nested[,,]>

with only one code, obj.Save();

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UniDatabase is a plugin that supports creating, maintaining, saving and loading databases in Unity C#.

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– Design Simply
No need to worry about unnecessary methods or fields.
It is designed with simple data definition as a guideline.

– Save Easily
To save, just execute “data structure”.Save(“key”);
Also, if you include a password as an argument, the data will be automatically encrypted and stored securely.
– Manage Everything
It supports all fields, properties, objects, arrays, lists, etc.
Also, by defining new data (class or struct), you can save the structure defined by yourself.

UniDatabase provides structure definition, reading at runtime, 
3.editor methods for saving resource data

Based on these concepts, you can create a database.

[Definition of data structure]
To define the data structure,

1. Create a data class that inherits UniStructure
2. Add [Resource] or [Production] attribute to the data structure you want to save
  ([Resource] and [Production] will be described later.)
3. If you specify saving path, 
   Attach an attribute
   [FolderPath (“Path”)].

See “Assets/Plugins/UniDatabase/Sample/TestDataStructure.cs” for details.
In addition, classes can be nested, and file names do not matter as long as they inherit UniStructure.

[Difference between Resource and Production]

Unity software, by its very nature, cannot store object data at runtime.
To solve this problem, UniDatabase dared to separate “data for resources” and “data for runtime”.
And [Resource] and [Production] correspond to each.
To define whether the data to be saved is resource data or runtime data,
attach [Resource] or [Production] attribute to specify in the field or property.
However, the variable data of [Production] cannot be converted to UnityEngine.Object (for example, GameObject)

[About Object Key]
Sometimes you may want to separate data of the same type.
UniDatabase introduces the concept of Object Key to implement it virtually.
Even in the same type and if the Object Key is different, the data in the instance will be different.
To express statically, assign null, “”, or “static” to the Object Key.



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